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These aren't whole chapters anymore but just bits and pieces. The fic had died at this point.

Last Part, consisting of odds and ends )
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Forewarning on this chapter: you can start to see the fic creaking under the weight of the exposition I was in love with. Also, any scene with the children was pretty much written on the fly and never beta'd. I had no idea what to do with the kids' plotline, which is what eventually killed the fic...

Part 3 )
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A bit of history:  The Broken Masquerade was a story I started writing when I had first been overcome with writer's block on Taking Sights. I never finished this fic for a number of reasons: I didn't know enough about HP canon to write anything without doing a lot of research first, I discovered Avatar: The Last Airbender and got sucked into that fandom, and I started writing Facing Fearful Odds. But mostly? I stopped writing it because I realized I had no story to tell. I had a lot of fun doing the worldbuilding for a post-revelation world with wizards and muggles living together, but I didn't have any sort of unified character plot to tell.

So here's what I wrote of The Broken Masquerade, alongside occasional comments {in brackets} to elaborate things.

Summary: In 1981, Peter Pettigrew framed Sirius Black for a crime he did not commit by blowing up twelve people on a Muggle street. It was a cunning plan, and it would have worked perfectly if Peter hadn't unknowingly done it in front of a television news crew broadcasting live on the BBC. The year is now 1991. Harry Potter has just received his Hogwarts letter. What sort of world does he live in?

Prologue + Chapter 1 )
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My trusty laptop claimed its third powercord (effing Dell quality control). I was very lucky not to have my hard drive fried when my powercord's AC Adapter box began to make burning/sparking noses, grew hot, and started to visibly shake. Now I'm back to powercord #2, which I had retired because of exposed wiring and generally shittiness.

Also, while I was backing up files in the aftermath of this near disaster, I discovered that I apparently once started writing Mega Man fanfic -- only two paragraph's worth, but still. Who knew? I have no idea where this was supposed to go storywise, but I'm getting a Ghost in the Shell vibe to the intro:
mysterious Mega Man snip-it )

Knowing me, I'm sure whatever plot there was would have involved writing at least 500k of prose and no less than seventeen shocking swerves.
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Or, the fine line between inspiration and theft.

This was a somewhat stream-of-consciousness fic inspired by QuGoneJinn's amazing "Your Fixed Point" Iron Man genderswap fic. The only problem was that, as I was writing this girl!Sokka fic, I realized I was less inspired by "Your Fixed Point" and instead was just plain stealing its voice. So I killed my fic.

Title: Alike in Heart
Official Summary: "I am a warrior. But I'm a girl, too."
The Plot Bunny: Basically, how would Sokka be if he had been born a girl? And what would girl!Sokka's relationship with Suki be?

Expanded Plot Bunny )

The Ficlet )

Final Thoughts )
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Good Lord. I just found this while searching my files for another incomplete fic that I wanted to work on. I think I wrote this when I was still in love with the TV Tropes wiki. Thank God I never finished it; I'm embarrassed to read it now.

I do still like Maya's one-liner, though.

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I really liked the idea of this crossover, but I don't have the medical background to pull off what I'd need to make Shinji's cancer realistic.

An Evangelion crossover )

"FROM FILE" - For Christmas, Asuka arranges a personal (and free) gift for Shinji: a photograph. Too bad she didn't check it out first.

An Evangelion Christmas )

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Title: Purity of Character
Summary: I believe this was supposed to be a deconstruction of all those fanfics where Hermione turns about to be a Pure Blood, thus explaining her talent... and spotlighting some fans' misunderstanding of what Rowling was trying to say about racism with the whole Pure Blood/Half-Blood/Muggleborn system.
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Title: Misato Katsuragi: Agent of GEHIRN
In all-too-familiar AU, Misato Katsuragi works as Ikari's right-hand man at GEHIRN. Now she's on an assignment that will lead her on a chase around the globe, from India to Germany to America and elsewhere as she races against GEHIRN's enemies for control of a terrible, otherworldly power.
Notes: Alias pastiche. It was an AU set in a world where the Second Impact never happened -- the real world. My interest in Evangelion fanfic has waned a lot and I don't believe I'll be writing another long-form project for it.



Chapter 1, plus other scenes )
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More dead fanfic projects.

Title: Scenes from a Boy's Life

Summary: What if Bella Swan had been born 'Billy'?

Scene's from a Boy's Life )


Title: Decay of the Daleks
Summary: AU. As the Thousand Year War draws to its exhausted close, an insane but brilliant scientist prepares to unleash his newest creation on Skaro. But no one, not even Davros, could have foreseen the impossible enemy that will come from the stars to stop the genesis of the Daleks.
Notes: An AU where the Time Lords lose the Great War against the Vampires.

Decay of the Daleks )

TITLE: Lily's Daughter
SUMMARY: Genderswap of Harry as a girl. I'm not really sure what I was thinking here, characterization-wise. Lily's Daughter )

TITLE: Ghost of a Chance
SUMMARY: After the 15th Angel's attack, Asuka begins to lose her mind and starts to see dead people. But is she really going crazy? Or is there another force at work?
NOTES: A lot of these scenes are out of order, as the fic was intended to have a very scattered chronology, mirroring Asuka's growing madness. The truth was Asuka was seeing ghosts, especially Kaji's, but she was also imagining a lot of things as she lost touch with reality. I have in my outline notes that Asuka ends up beating Unit-01 to death, and that Rei and Nagisa were going to have an Angel-on-Angel brawl in Central Dogma after he finds out that ADAM is in Commander Ikari's right hand.
Ghost of a Chance )

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For every fanfic project I publish, there are a dozen that don't make it off the ground. Sometimes it's because the story isn't strong enough to survive. Other times it's because there's just too much research needed to be done to make it any decent -- research that takes time I don't have with life and my current fanfic projects. Below the cut is a sampling of those half-dozen projects from across several fandoms. Just a warning, these are un-beta'ed and unfinished. What you're reading are only the scenes I finished.

TITLE: Beer Money
SUMMARY: Remus Lupin rued the day Sirius learned he could make money by wanking.

Incomplete draft for this crack fic. )


TITLE: Untitled Harry-Hermione murder mystery
NOTES: This was going to be my take on a Harry/Hermione romance, where both Ginny and Ron die in the final battle of Deathly Hollows. Basically, Hermione would have run away to Muggle University for several years while Harry became an Auror under Tonks (who survived but was widowed in the final battle). Then Hermione comes back to the Wizarding World after realizing she can't run from her past, and she and Harry talk with each other for the fist time in several years. There was also going to a murder mystery about someone using exotic magic to kill off former Death Eaters, but I might be recycling that plot into something else so I'll refrain from sharing the details of it. I toyed with the idea of Harry and Hermione ending up not being together at the end of the story, but I was also considering having Harry marry Hermione and taking her name because he wants a fresh start. I think I even have (somewhere in the long-hand legal pad I drafted this whole story on) a scene of them taking their daughter to the Hogwarts Express, but they're not married -- they're just "living in sin" and raising a child as two very damaged friends.
Untitled Harry-Hermione Murder Mystery )

TITLE: Tonks femmeslash
SUMMARY: I have no fucking idea what I was doing here. Maybe this was supposed to be some sort of story about her and Remus Lupin both being bisexuals? However, I do like this scene I wrote of Tonks taking Mad-Eye Moody to a Muggle gay bar.
Tonks femmeslash )


TITLE: Untitled Captain Planet / Evangelion fusion
A crack fic that never got off the ground.
Crack )

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I usually have about a half dozen fanfics cooking at any one time. I haven't officially posted/started any of the longer ones often because Taking Sights is my current project and I know my limits. Trying to do two big fics, especially within the same fandom, is just hard for me. "Color of Blood" has suffered a lot because it was posted too early (and I'm coming to suspect it's more of a single chapter "fun idea fic" than anything longer). 

HOWEVER, occasionally I'll can a whole project for a different reason. Linked below the cut-off is one such abandoned fanfic. It's called "You're a Boy, You Know!" and it stars Misato. I killed this fic for three reasons:

Firstly, like "Taking Sights", it's a time-travel Peggy Sue story.  It just seemed like a bad idea to do two stories of that nature at the same time.

Secondly, I was having a lot of trouble deciding just how crazy I wanted to make Misato. Her mental state switched a lot between the first three chapters that I'd (partially) drafted and it came across less as schizophrenic and more as shoddy characterization.

Thirdly, I couldn't figure out how to deal with the names and pronouns in a way that didn't make it confusing for the reader. "What's the matter with the names and pronouns?" you ask.


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