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Today was a day for writing, and tomorrow I'm going to catch up on my beta work. Here's a snapshot of all the stuff I've been working on for the past week.

Bastard of Kyoshi Island (BoKI) = Prologue completed, portions of chapters 1, 4, and 5 in progress. Current project word count: 3,378

Taking Sights, Chapter 16.5 = First three scenes completed. Current word count: 5,714

Facing Fearful Odds, Book 1, Chapter 7-C = Three scenes done. Current word count: 2,041

Facing Fearful Odds, Book 2, Chapter 11* = About 1/2 of 11-A and 95% of 11-C are completed. Current word count: 7,153

(* When FFO is posted, the first chapter of Book 2 will be titled as 'Chapter 1 (of 13)' but it's just easier to keep everything in order by using a continuous numbering system across all three books.)

Overall it's been a moderately productive week. I'm finally starting to make some headway in FFO 7-C after dithering over two potential plot routes, but since I made up my mind it's flowing a lot more smoothly. FFO 11 has been great fun to write as it's focus is on Team Avatar getting caught up in classic "wacky, time-wasting nonsense."
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 I finally finished outlining my short story, The Bastard of Kyoshi Isand, by long-hand and then typed out a revised version on my laptop. Total word count for the outline, with its eleven chapters plus one-scene prologue and epilogue?

2,843 words. 

I don't think I'll be having a problem hitting that 15,000 word goal for the AU Big Bang.
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I've joined the AU Big Bang. If you're curious about what that is, check out their FAQ... or check out this completed Doctor Who Big Bang.

I debated for a few days about which AU project of mine I wanted to do for it, but I eventually settled on two ideas. Right now I'm intending to do with a Suki-centric AtLA fic called The Bastard of Kyoshi Island, though I -may- cop out and end up doing a Katara-centric fic that would either be called The Death of Adabito or The Boy is the Father of the Man. The premises for these two AUs would be:

The Bastard of Kyoshi Island: What if Suki had been a firebender? (The premise is based on an off-cuff joke in the series finale.)
The Death of Adabito: What if Hakoda had found Katara a waterbending master? (The master's name is not Hama.)

If you're a fanfic writer or a fan artist, check out the AU Big Bang. Sign ups are open until February 2.


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