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Stolen from Avocado Love: While organizing my delicious account, I started describing recently recc'ed fics as 'The one where...' and I thought it might be a fun idea to do the same to my own. So in the spirit of not doing to others what I wouldn't do to myself, here's a list of my fics described thusly:

I've listed my four AtLA one-shots first, followed by sixteen drabbles ranked in descending order of reviews -- (Most popular drabbles at the top.)
  1. The one where Zuko ran away from his life.
  2. The one where Azula loses a bet on account of lesbianism.
  3. The one where Toph is ten years older.
  4. The one where Hama finds Aang.
  1. The one where Ty Lee is the last airbender.
  2. The one where Toph tells Death to fuck off.
  3. The one where Wan Shi Tong isn't human.
  4. The one where the last airbender is murderous.
  5. The one where I wrote 31 sequels to my previous drabbles for the year.
  6. The one where Azula drove Ty Lee crazy, and Ty Lee returned the favor.
  7. The one where Lu Ten makes his father pay attention.
  8. The one where Ursa sees her son for the ruthless monster he's become.
  9. The one where Azula and WANG FIRE team up.
  10. The one where Steve Rogers meets his arch-enemy.
  11. The one where Ty Lee is emo one and Mai is cheerful one.
  12. The one where Aanjing tells Katara to stuff her cultural imperialism.
  13. The one where Avatar Kyoshi lives for a long, long time.
  14. The one where Lu Ten lives and a whole bunch of people in Ba Sing Se don't.
  15. The one where the Fire Nation provides propaganda to the occupation force of Ba Sing Se.
  16. The one where Ozai learns to appreciate his loss of firebending.
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