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Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans!

Nothing much to post. Just thought I'd keep this livejournal from gathering too much dust in July.

My two charity commission fics are proceeding nicely. Revisions on the June+Mai+Zuko fic's first chapter are almost complete. As usual, (re)writing the fight scenes is sucking up the most production time. I've also got part of the epilogue drafted. Work on the AtLA/Haruhi Suzumiya fusion is really taking off now that I've solved the narrator/POV issue and ironed out the lingering plot problems. No guesstimates on when either fic will be done, but the Haruhi Suzumiya fic will probably get finished first. There's only one narrator and plot line; much less complex than the June+Mai+Zuko fic's three interweaving ones. The lack of detailed fight scenes in the fusion fic will also count for a lot.

I've been reposting some old drabbles here and there, but I'm holding off on participating in the Avatar Spirit Forum's DDD contest again until both my commissions are done. 
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The salvaging of 2011 begins. I'm currently planning on four projects in the immediate future (i.e. through the end of May).

* [ profile] fanficforensics's Help_Japan fic. Currently in the outlining and snip-it scene writing stage. 

* [ profile] kirai_akuma's Help_Japan fic. One scene written, although I'm still uncertain about what POV & tense is most appropriate. Currently on hold until I figure that stuff out. 

* Chapter 3 of Full Metal Bitch. Currently stands at about 6500 words, will probably end up at twice that for length. 

* Finish writing the last three chapters of Facing Fearful Odds, my long-unfinished Avatar Katara AU.

At the end of May 2011, if I've finished the first three projects listed, I'll sign up for the AtLA Big Bang. If I haven't, then I won't.
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The Avatar: The Last Airbender Big Bang is signing up writers for this year's round as well as taking story prompts. The deadline is May 31st. I highly recommend joining it. It's been very well run in the past.

I'm personally on the fence about signing up. I'd certainly like to, but I've withdrawn from every other fandom activity (including a generous pinch-hitting opportunity for the Rare/Crack Pairing Exchange by that community's moderator) so I can refocus on my existing projects. 2010, frankly, sucked for me meeting deadlines, and I need to salvage 2011. In addition to completing the next chapter of Full Metal Bitch before I've lapsed a whole year's worth of updates, I have two Help_Japan projects I'm currently writing. Plus I'd like to take a break from AtLA and do something in another fandom once my current slate of projects is finished; maybe Sailor Moon.

Mac is Back

Apr. 2nd, 2011 10:48 pm
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So my Macbook didn't end up dying after eating half a mug of iced tea. The Mac Store people checked it out and it looks like I managed to get the liquid off my keyboard in time before it penetrated into the laptop's guts. Everything's fine. I've backed up my files again (which I will now do more regularly). 

Help_Japan Auction Related Stuff )
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Current bidding stands at $45 dollars. Do better than that and you can squeeze me for a (minimum) 3000 word fic in either the Avatar: The Last Airbender or Neon Genesis Evangelion fandoms. Or, alternatively, a 3000 word fusion/crossover fic of both fandoms. Donate to charity and give the world have that Gyatso/Fuyutsuki slash epic it has always demanded!

Bidding closes at 6AM (EST) on March 31st.

Here's a link to my offering.

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So my favorite mug broke today. Handle just snapped clean off as I was holding it over my trusty Macbook, spilling half a mug of (sugar-free) iced tea all over the keyboard. .

I pulled the power cord, shut it down, and eventually learned I needed to pull the battery (hopefully soon enough). I cracked open the back and the guts don't have any visible liquid in them. As a precaution I'm letting it dry un-powered for three days. I'm trying not to think about the fact that means I'll be finding out if it's damaged or not on April Fools Day.

Currently typing on my old, mothballed Dell laptop. It's sluggish as hell, can't handle much of anything, but it works so I can't complain. The one thing I'm kicking myself over is that I haven't updated my backups in about two weeks. Most of my fic projects are safe, but the drabbles and project notes for longfic that I've been writing since that point may now be gone. Not exactly heartbeaking but still annoying. The worst part (aside from a possible dead laptop) is that I'd just started sketching out a new one-shot after getting some feedback from Clockworkchoas and now that's gone: about 600ish words for scene ideas and general flow, with another thousands for various bits of dialogue or description.

In less exciting news, Mass Effect 2: Arrival kinda blew. I thought they were setting up an epic moral dilemma but it amounted to no choice at all. The missions weren't even that fun. Definitely no Overlord or Lair of the Shadow Broker in terms of quality.
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This is a link to my fic offering for the Help Japan auction.

For $10, you can squeeze me for a (minimum) 3000 word fic in either the Avatar: The Last Airbender or Neon Genesis Evangelion fandoms. Or, alternatively, a 3000 word fusion/crossover fic of both fandoms. Y'know what that means? The world might just finally have that Asuka/Mai femslash that it has been sadly lacking.
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Thank God that's over. Now I just need to write 14k more for my Maiko Big Bang fic by the 15th, then write my Rare/Crack Pairing fic for the 20th.

No biggie.
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I'm writing fic for Queensland flood relief fic-a-thon.

Anyone here interested in shaking me down for new fanfic made to order can head over here and plop down $10.

I'm offer 1 oneshot fic, 1000 word minimum.

I'm willing to write in any of the following fandoms:
* Neon Genesis Evangelion
* Avatar: The Last Airbender
* The Ciaphas Cain series (Warhammer 40K)
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* I've begun the 612044th draft of the next chapter of Full Metal Bitch. I very much want this chapter to be finished already.

* is now practically unusable if you don't have an Ad blocker installed. 

* I finished the newest Caiphas Cain book and found it lacking in the back-half. By the last half dozen chapters I stopped caring completely about what was going on. Definitely the weakest entry in the series.
* Apparently AtLA has a kink meme (NSFW). Who knew? Sadly it's pretty much dead. Not a great loss since the prompts are pretty boring, although I'm morbidly impressed by the sheer number of permutations of "Zuko gets raped" there are. 

* I'm trying to bring myself to start reading Nobody Dies again, but I got really fatigued around Chapter 70 when it seemed like the story went several chapters without finishing a single damn conversation because there were so many ongoing plot threads. 

* I'm in the mood to do another fanfic mini-meme but I don't think now is the time for it. I have -- three? -- projects ongoing that need sunlight and watering.
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Tired of the Ship Wars?

Itching to see something that you enjoy?

Check us out and join!

This time I'm shipping Zei/June, Ursa/Hue, and Toph/Aang. How 'bout you?
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Stolen from John Scalzi's blog:

"The end of the year is not a bad time to think about some of the things one would like to try one’s hand at moving forward. And to that end, here are some things I’ve been thinking about doing at some point in the future. Note that this is not a list of things I am making a resolution to do, or things I necessarily have planned to do in the next year (and yes, I have things planned for the next year). It’s just a list of stuff that I’d like to get around to before I, you know, am hit by a bus and/or get bored with creating stuff and just pack it all in to do nothing but watch movies on Netflix for the rest of my life."

Here's my own list:

1. Write a full-on romantic shipping-centric fic. I've hemmed and hawed in this field of fanfic, racing up to the line but not crossing it when expected to. I always feel very awkward writing romance-centric fanfics because I'm not particularly romantic myself, so I instinctively keep pulling back in my stories. I only vaguely had Mai and Zuko get together in 'His and Her Circumstances' because of this issue. I was much more interested in the story's worldbuilding and individual character arcs than the Mai/Zuko arc and it shows.

In 2011, I really want to do a fic that has a strong romantic/shipping element as its spine. I've been kicking around a few ideas in particular -- Loopy suggested a Sokkla fic I'm prepping as one possibility for this year's Big Bang, I've got a Maiko Big Bang to write for, and I'm currently chipping away at a TyZula fic -- so there's something to look forward to. 

2. Get back to writing Evangelion fic. I wrote very, very little fanfic for this fandom in 2010. I still need to finish Taking Sights, and my Nobody Dies genderswap, and I have a new Evangelion long-form fanfic that I'm excited to start called "Her Smoke Rises Up Forever". I really enjoy the Evangelion fandom. It was the first one I really got into hardcore, and fanfic-wise it offers opportunities that AtLA doesn't with its setting.

3. Finish All My Existing Projects. I'd like to be able to close the door on all the unfinished crap I have posted on I don't want to become one of those authors. 

4. Write More Reviews. I'm a bad reader. I don't nearly review fics often enough. I need to work on that, providing fics I like or find interesting with decent analysis.

5. Write More Regularly. I've gotten really bad at this ever since I went on my hiatus with Facing Fearful Odds. I used to regularly crank out a thousand words a day on FFO. Now it's an exceptional day if I can hammer out five hundred words. I only write a lot in occasional splurges, not with any regularity. That's bad. 
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I've decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, although in a half-assed fashion. I won't be writing a new story. Instead I'll spend November cranking out 50,000 words for Full Metal Bitch. I've been neglecting that fic due to other obligations so I'd like to finish it and put it to bed. There will be nine chapters total, not the original five envisioned. 

I've decided to shelve Praise Be to Nero's Neptune (my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel, AKA the 'Fire Nation civil war fic') because it would be too much of a time investment to finish. It'd need about forty chapters total and that's at least 18 months of solid work, if not more. Frankly, I'd rather write several smaller fics than one mega-sized one. The first two and a half chapters were completed.

FFO is creaking along to completion, thank Christ.

I'm hashing out an outline for a full-length fanfic based on this ATLA drabble, the one where Ursa kills Ozai instead of Azulon. Still trying to figure out the character arcs for Aang and Azula. It may not go into full production unless I can solve a few outstanding issues... and deal with the fact I'll have to write several scenes starring Yue, because she is my kryptonite.

I've got two shorter fics on tap that I'm pecking away at, a sequel to Siege of the South for Omoni and a comedic Zuko fic for ferrrox.
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 So after about a month's worth of writer's block, I seem to have found my mojo again. The other day, I posted a new fic, A Pocket Guide to Ba Sing Se, which is some fictional in-universe propaganda for AtLA. It's been received pretty positively, so that's nice. I also wrote up a TV Tropes page for Another Brother. (Beware: link contains memetic hazards!)

I've fallen behind in the reading and reviewing, especially for all the AtLA Big Bang fics. I've been saving them as a reward for finishing FFO. If you're looking for some good fics, I recommend checking it out. Also of interest is sylvacoer's new Mai-centric fanfic project -- Danger, Deceit (alt link to I did some beta work for her early on and it's got a really amazing story in store, international intrigue and mannerpunk. There is far too little mannerpunk in the Fire Nation wing of AtLA fanfic, so check it out!

I've been doing some tinkering on "Praise Be to Nero's Neptune", fleshing out the pre-story background of the Fire Nation Civil War. I'm still on the fence of how I want to unload some of the exposition -- a one-shot prequel, fictional historical documents at the head of each chapter, flashback interlude chapters, or not at all. I'm hedging towards only touching lightly on most of it. Last Firebender does awesome fake history documents in its header, and I don't think I could top it. Also, Last Firebender has the benefit of having a future to set its fictional documents in, and part of the point of "Praise Be" is that the world may be somewhat lacking in that regarding.

I may be using "Praise Be" as my kinda-sorta-NaNaWriMo project. Dunno yet. Gotta see what my RL situation is like in November first. Also, I might do FFO Book 2 or my new Evangelion AU instead.

Currently alternating on two primary projects -- finishing FFO and writing out Chapter 3 of FMB. It's been hard to return to FFO because I got really blocked up on it and sick of it being a money on my back. I only have four chapter remaining, though. FMB's third chapter had a big plot tumor in the form of the Iroh/Toph confrontation, so I split that chapter into two parts. Chapter 4 will focus on the AU rendition of "Bitter Work". Chapter 3 will consist primarily of flashbacks leading into the Iroh/Toph fight. In order to maintain audience sympathy for her character, I've decided to consciously avoid showing much of Toph's life before the Siege of Ba Sing Se. 

I'll start posting FFO's chapters on a weekly basis, starting alongside Chapter 3 of FMB whenever I post that.

Dry Spell

Sep. 3rd, 2010 06:32 pm
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Apologies to Omoni, Rianax, and ferrrox for taking so long with the fics I promised you. I've hit a dry spell with the start of the school year and nothing I write seems to be working. This is partly why I haven't been posting any new drabbles recently to the various contests I frequent. The other part is that I've been trying to write the next chapter of Full Metal Bitch but I've stalled out.

So expect that updates will be sparse for September. 
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So His and Her Circumstances has been fairly well received. I didn't expect more than six or seven reviews, so I'm happy it's scored twelve as of this posting, including a very long one featuring constructive criticism of my use of description and details about some missed character opportunities I could have developed better. I'm content when an review has more than four words to it and doesn't include a "please update 'X' story pleazz" in it, so this made me happy.

The other Maiko fic that I was writing before I had to switch over to H&HC due to time constraints, Matched Set, is on the back-burner for now. I need to get work done on my current fanfic projects before I can do something else.

But to decompress from the large volume of AtLA fanfic I've been writing in recent months, I've started developing a new Evangelion AU project. I have 6175 words in on the first chapter (of 26 planned) and it's working title is Her Smoke Rises Up ForeverI can't talk about specific plot details, but I'm intending it as a remedy to the issues I've experienced with Taking Sights, a fanfic that was badly handicapped by my lack of foresight and writerly experience when I started it. Her Smoke Rises Up Forever is also being written in response to a lot of Evangelion fanfic I've been reading lately, such as the excellent Nobody Dies but particularly those posted to the Spacebattles forums. I want to tell a story that strips out the Gurren Lagann feel that contemporary Evangelion fics seem to have taken on, that avoids crossovers or fusions, and goes back to the TV canon's original flavor.

Don't worry. I'll be getting back to work on the next chapter of Full Metal Bitch soon. I've also scaled back my plans for Avatar Shipping Month, as I need a break from AtLA stuff. I'm only going to write an entry for Kacest now. 
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In Descending Order of Priority

* Big Bang fic (finish Pt. 1 of 3 this weekend)
* Meme fills left to finish (3x fics)
* FFO, Ch. 8
* Full Metal Bitch, Ch. 3
* Possible Zuki fic? I've got a taste for some saucy crackshipping...
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 Whenever I trawl FFnet for new fanfic at random, a lot of the fics I come across from first-time writers have a big problem with stilted dialogue. It sound unnatural and it has me closing that tab faster than nothing else. That's why I want to share to this episode from the podcast Writing Excuses that focuses specifically on avoiding stilted dialogue. It's a good reference for writers, both new ones and ones learning to improve themselves, to think about how to use dialogue in their stories. 
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* After reading some awesome Persona 4 fanfic, I've given another go at salvaging the fics I wrote for the Bad Bad Bathhouse kink meme (NSFW) into something publishable on my account. First up will be something called A Different Flesh, where Souji is a celibate sexbot.

* Still working my way through Ch.9 of FFO. Lordy, it's in terrible shape. For Book 2, I need to write more concisely.

* Caught up on my beta work.

* Outlining another AtLA fanfic: really effed up, post-apocalyptic Kacest that I'm calling Flowers in the Arctic. We'll see if it manages to be one of the 1-in-20 fanfics that I actually finish (and publish) after I start writing.

* Trying desperately to figure out what the hell I'm doing for my White Lotus fanfic exchange submission that's due at the end of the month.

* Big Bang fic! I'm stalled! (>_<)

* Revision #8 of FMB Ch.2 is done, and now it's back to the my betas. I'm working on the extended ending, but need advice from the betas on if the Iroh/Toph confrontation is too dark as it stands. I'm 2300 words for the new ending and am continuing to peck away at it. It'll probably total 4000 words total. So Ch.2 of FMB will end up in the ballpark of ~14,000 words.

* Working on fills for my fanfic mini-meme. Sorry for taking so long, folks. The spirit hasn't been with me these past few days.  (^_^')
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  EDIT: Deleted. I should stick by my rule to never show off my stuff publicly before it's all done. Getting bitten in the ass by FMB proved that much.


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