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These aren't whole chapters anymore but just bits and pieces. The fic had died at this point.

Last Part, consisting of odds and ends )
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Forewarning on this chapter: you can start to see the fic creaking under the weight of the exposition I was in love with. Also, any scene with the children was pretty much written on the fly and never beta'd. I had no idea what to do with the kids' plotline, which is what eventually killed the fic...

Part 3 )
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A bit of history:  The Broken Masquerade was a story I started writing when I had first been overcome with writer's block on Taking Sights. I never finished this fic for a number of reasons: I didn't know enough about HP canon to write anything without doing a lot of research first, I discovered Avatar: The Last Airbender and got sucked into that fandom, and I started writing Facing Fearful Odds. But mostly? I stopped writing it because I realized I had no story to tell. I had a lot of fun doing the worldbuilding for a post-revelation world with wizards and muggles living together, but I didn't have any sort of unified character plot to tell.

So here's what I wrote of The Broken Masquerade, alongside occasional comments {in brackets} to elaborate things.

Summary: In 1981, Peter Pettigrew framed Sirius Black for a crime he did not commit by blowing up twelve people on a Muggle street. It was a cunning plan, and it would have worked perfectly if Peter hadn't unknowingly done it in front of a television news crew broadcasting live on the BBC. The year is now 1991. Harry Potter has just received his Hogwarts letter. What sort of world does he live in?

Prologue + Chapter 1 )


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