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Thank God that's over. Now I just need to write 14k more for my Maiko Big Bang fic by the 15th, then write my Rare/Crack Pairing fic for the 20th.

No biggie.
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So I've dropped out of the AtLA Big Bang.

It wasn't a decision I made lightly, but my entry simply wasn't working. I've had a bad run of luck with the AtLA Big Bang, with both my Sokka!genderswap and my "Yue lives" AU imploding. In retrospect, the obvious solution would have been not to publish the first chapter of Full Metal Bitch and to have used that fic as my Big Bang entry. 
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Today I wrote a non-graphic lovemaking scene and a spectacularly graphic sausage making scene.

For the same story.

Just thought you should know.

(3,671 words in on the Sokka genderswap Big Bang entry and counting...)
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Over 3800 words written for FFO Chapter 9-A yesterday, bringing the total to just shy of 7,000, and I spent all of today revising it. (I'm skipping Ch.8 for the moment due to inspiration.) It's been very fun to write 9-A so far, which isn't surprising. There's always a heady feeling when starting a new chapter (or new project) that gradually fades away and turns finishing the chapter (or project) into a slogging chore. It's a relief that I can rely on a strong character arc for the last two chapters. Everyone in the cast has something to do.

On another note, I'm officially signed up for the AtLA Big Bang. I kicked around the idea of doing a bigass fic, either an Iroh-centric one or an expansion of my drabble "The Natural Daughter of Somebody", but in the end I decided I have too many long-form projects in the works at the moment to start another one. Especially since I'm nearing the end of FFO: Book 1, getting BoKI off the ground, and doing pre-writing for my new Evangelion AU project. So I'll be doing a fairly short genderswap fic; essentially a rewrite of The Warriors of Kyoshi with maybe some stuff from other episodes. It'll be based on the idea I had for that girl!Sokka fic I abandoned but with a a different, non-plagaristic voice and linear chronology.

I'm 75% certain it won't be a yuri fic, if only because it's rare in fanfic to see a strong, emotional comradeship between two characters of the same gender and not have some sort of sexual relationship shoehorned into it.


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