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TITLE: And the Gods Danced in the Night
SUMMARY: FBI Agent Roberta Greene is sent to the Forks to investigate a series of grizzly ritualistic murders. The chief suspect? Isabella Marie Swan.
GENRE: (Mystery/Horror)
FANDOM: Twilight/Mythos fusion

Since the snip-it of this got such a good reaction, here's the first chapter (of five). Consider this an open beta.

I almost named this story "The Call of Cullen" but decided that would be a bit too obvious.

And so the Shoggoth fell in Love with the Lamb )
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Okay, so Taking Sights still isn't done yet. Remember when I said it was 80% done a few posts back? Well now it's over 10,000 words long and it's maybe 85% done. At the current rate this chapter will be the longest of them all -- and that's saying something. 

I haven't been completely non-productive the last week, though. In addition to pecking away at Taking Sights and consolidating the outline for the rest of Book 1 (which will be 24 chapters total) I've been working on a new project. Shockingly, it is neither Evangelion nor Harry Potter nor Doctor Who related -- but rather a fusion of two wildly unlikely fandoms. Which ones, you ask?

Teaser Poster )


I've finished Chapter 1 (of 5) and am currently editing it. I won't be posting anything of it until the whole story is done.

Also, to tide over the loyal readers who follow this blog, here's a excerpt from the forthcoming chapter of Taking Sights:

Taking Sights - Ch 14 preview )


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