Mar. 29th, 2011

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So my favorite mug broke today. Handle just snapped clean off as I was holding it over my trusty Macbook, spilling half a mug of (sugar-free) iced tea all over the keyboard. .

I pulled the power cord, shut it down, and eventually learned I needed to pull the battery (hopefully soon enough). I cracked open the back and the guts don't have any visible liquid in them. As a precaution I'm letting it dry un-powered for three days. I'm trying not to think about the fact that means I'll be finding out if it's damaged or not on April Fools Day.

Currently typing on my old, mothballed Dell laptop. It's sluggish as hell, can't handle much of anything, but it works so I can't complain. The one thing I'm kicking myself over is that I haven't updated my backups in about two weeks. Most of my fic projects are safe, but the drabbles and project notes for longfic that I've been writing since that point may now be gone. Not exactly heartbeaking but still annoying. The worst part (aside from a possible dead laptop) is that I'd just started sketching out a new one-shot after getting some feedback from Clockworkchoas and now that's gone: about 600ish words for scene ideas and general flow, with another thousands for various bits of dialogue or description.

In less exciting news, Mass Effect 2: Arrival kinda blew. I thought they were setting up an epic moral dilemma but it amounted to no choice at all. The missions weren't even that fun. Definitely no Overlord or Lair of the Shadow Broker in terms of quality.


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