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"Evangelion: Redemption", my favorite Evangelion fanfic ever, has been posted to the Fanfic Mausoleum ' n Grill. It's got awesome battle scenes, as well as a great Shinji/Asuka romance story.
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Title: Chemotherapy is the Best Aphrodisiac
Rating: K+
Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Parody, Crack
Summary: After she receives a life-changing diagnosis, a hurt Asuka finds comfort in the arms of Shinji.
Notes: A send up of that deplorable Hurt/Comfort notion. Slightly different from the FFnet version because I think it's probably funnier without the twist.

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Deleted Scenes: This was how chapter 13 was originally supposed to kick off. Instead of diving into Asuka's mental problems and the volcano the chapter was going to be a funny aside into the Maya/Ritsuko and Gendo/Fuyutsuki relationships. Long story short, all four of them were going to take the day off and, through a torturous series of events, end up drunk together at a high end strip club. So... Yeah.

I vetoed all this stuff I'd written for two reasons. The first was that I'm already planning a light-hearted chapter with "Apple Peel-Off". The second was that I had trouble coming up with enough material to make a chapter out of the premise.

So consider this a glimpse into what would have been Chapter 13 of Taking Sights.

It's un-beta'ed and unfinished.


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Found this on YouTube. I remember it from the old VHS tapes I had of the series. It's still my favorite trailer for Eva.
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After tooling around with what I've written so for it, I'm forced to come to the conclusion that Chapter 13 just Isn't Working. I'm going to junk what I've written so far and start from scratch.

I usually like to keep Taking Sights on a one-a-month (or thereabouts) update rate but since I'm scrapping what I've done so far don't expect the next chapter until Thanksgiving-ish. Sorry.
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As I've been writing Taking Sights, I've discovered that Shinji doesn't have a lot to say. It's odd, but whenever I try to write a Shinji scene the story just stops dead. It's the reason why I scrapped the Shinji POV mini-chapter in Chapter 11. There just wasn't meat on the bone.

At first I thought the problem was that Shinji was too introverted as a character, but Rei is even MORE introverted yet she's had (arguably) more screen time. Asuka, who I didn't plan at all to have major screen time in Taking Sights has ended up becoming second to Gendo in terms of plot importance. In fact, Asuka has really replaced Shinji as the protagonist in the non-Gendo plotlines.

I think the reason for Asuka's messing up my outline is that she's the only outsider POV in the whole situation. Gendo sucks in Shinji, Rei, Kozo, Ritsuko, Kaji, and, intentionally in the story, Misato into his maelstrom of Plot. Sure, Shinji has Hikari, but the Shinji/Hikari non-relationship is only a tangent off the greater Shinji/Gendo (non-)relationship. Asuka, though, has her own issues entirely seperate from Gendo's Drama.

To Gendo, in Taking Sights, Asuka's a meat bag. She's the one pilot that's expendable to him. Gendo's protective of Rei, and holds regard for Shinji simply for Yui's sake, but the Second Child holds no innate value for him. Everything from the Mk. II Dummy Plug to his plans (now possibly defunct) to deal with the 15th and 16th Angels relied on using, abusing, and then, if necessary, sacrificing Asuka on the alter of necessity.

Yet even Asuka has developed, entirely without my intention, her own character arc. The destruction of the Over the Rainbow in TS was, at first, pretty much just an attempt to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING new with that damned 6th Angel fight. As time's gone on, it's become impossible to just slip past how badly that incident messed up Asuka and, in turn, messed up Gendo's plans for Asuka. In a way, Asuka's breakdown from canon has been pushed up the timeline, with the cracks starting to show in her ego around the 8th Angel instead of the 14th. 

Heh. I started out talking about Shinji's lack of screen time and then I end gabbing on and on about Asuka.

But anyways, Shinji's a problem to write in Taking Sights because 1) he's anti-social to begin with, 2) he has no real positive relationship with any of the characters aside from maybe Misato, and 3) he and Gendo have decided to mutually estrange themselves. So Shinji is really a lot worse off in TS than in canon, where at least he had friends.

I'm not really sure where Shinji's going in Taking Sights. The characters have begun to mutate the outline. Will he reconcile with his father? Will he snap and throw Rei off the balcony? Will he and Hikari ever hook up? I have no idea, not until I write it.

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After a short break I've started work on Chapter 13 of TS. So far it looks like this one's going to turn out to be a whopper. It's already 11 pages (3000 words) and I've only hit three scenes. Lord knows what it'll weigh in at once I get around to the battle sequence.

Chapter 13 is something of a practice run for me. TS tends to skip over battle sequences because I'm loathe to do fights that have been re-written thousands of times already in other fanfics. However, I do need practice at writing fight scenes if the Penultimate Chapter to Book 1 of TS is to turn out like I want.

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Chapter 12 of Taking Sights is live on FFnet.

Ch. 12 is also available on Darkscribes.

From this point forward I'll no longer be updating the copy of TS, nor will I be posting any more fanfics there. I've also taken the step of deleting my account from So long and good riddance.

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Here's the start of Chapter 2 of "The Ineffable Crossover".

Let me also mention that I know exactly how I'm going to end this story now. You won't see it coming, trust me, but it'll be awesome. Stupid, but awesome.

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After a dry spell, I've found the spirit again for Taking Sights. Right now I'd ballpark it as being 80-85% done. If all goes well (knock on wood) it'll be ready for beta reading by the middle of next week.

Weee! It's almost set to pop!
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Here's something I wrote up on a lark. Not sure if I got the voices right, but whatever. I'm somewhat surprised no one's ever crossed over these two series.

So, valued readers, is it worth continuing?

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I usually have about a half dozen fanfics cooking at any one time. I haven't officially posted/started any of the longer ones often because Taking Sights is my current project and I know my limits. Trying to do two big fics, especially within the same fandom, is just hard for me. "Color of Blood" has suffered a lot because it was posted too early (and I'm coming to suspect it's more of a single chapter "fun idea fic" than anything longer). 

HOWEVER, occasionally I'll can a whole project for a different reason. Linked below the cut-off is one such abandoned fanfic. It's called "You're a Boy, You Know!" and it stars Misato. I killed this fic for three reasons:

Firstly, like "Taking Sights", it's a time-travel Peggy Sue story.  It just seemed like a bad idea to do two stories of that nature at the same time.

Secondly, I was having a lot of trouble deciding just how crazy I wanted to make Misato. Her mental state switched a lot between the first three chapters that I'd (partially) drafted and it came across less as schizophrenic and more as shoddy characterization.

Thirdly, I couldn't figure out how to deal with the names and pronouns in a way that didn't make it confusing for the reader. "What's the matter with the names and pronouns?" you ask.

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(More DVD extra-ish stuff on Taking Sights)

One of the operating assumptions of Taking Sights is that, in canon, Gendo and Yui started out with good intentions, that they planned to screw over SEELE and stop Third Impact. But... there's no proof of that in canon.

Consider our three sources of information on the activities of Second Impact (SI) era Gendo and Yui.

1. In "Death & Rebirth" we overhear (to a video of the fabled Contact Experiment at the Katsuragi Expedition base camp) Gendo and Keel waxing philosophical about the arrogance of science. While this bit gives us insight into Keel, it's questionable what it tells us about Gendo. He could be playing along, he could agree, or he could agree with what Keel's saying but still think he's wrong wrong wrong about Instrumentality.

2. During Fuyutsuki's interrogation, we learn about Yui, Gendo, and Naoko running the Artificial Evolution Lab in what will soon become Tokyo-3 and the Geo-Front. Gendo talks about "Mankind's New Genesis" to Fuyutsuki. This information, too, is suspect. Why? Because Fuyutsuki isn't a reliable narrator. Remember, he's supposedly relating all this to SEELE (who are demanding to know if Gendo has a secret agenda). It's not like he's going to tell them (and, by association, us) that Gendo & company are planning to mess up their masterplan!

3. The Yui/Fuyutsuki flashback conversation shown in the epilogue of EoE. This scene can be read as going either way as far as Yui's ultimate intent regarding Instrumentality (or some form of it). She and Fuyutsuki are mainly talking about her ending up inside Unit-01 for all eternity as a symbol of mankind's existence. Otherwise we don't learn much about her or Gendo's plan.

So, really, Gendo and Yui Ikari cannot be seen from canon evidence as either fighting for or against some form of Third Impact. We know Gendo is opposed to SEELE in 2016 with his "Death Creates Nothing" line, but he says that while he himself is planning his own Third Impact which, aside from his intention on getting back with Yui, we don't know what he was ultimately planning to do with. Or even if he had any other plan aside from "be with Yui".

So why, in Taking Sights, did I take the tact that Gendo and Yui were opposed to any sort of Third Impact? Well... because otherwise there wouldn't be much of a story.

If Gendo decided upon Peggy Sueing himself that he needed to work towards a constructive Third Impact then he'd still be something of a villain. And while it'd be interesting from a storytellers viewpoint to write about a villain like that there'd be two problems. First, Gendo wouldn't be changing nearly as much (changing himself and the world around him). Second, there'd be an assumption (and expectation, really) on the part of the audience that at some point in the fanfic Gendo would doubt, question, and then change his mind about Third Impact as his relationship with Shinji evolves (which sounds boring and predictable to me, but I'll admit I can see some potential in the idea).

There's also another big reason I made Gendo anti-TI. Taking Sights is a Peggy Sue story. More specifically, it's my attempt at a subversion of the conventions of the Peggy Sue trope (as well as several other standard NGE fanfic tropes).

At its heart, a Peggy Sue requires that the time traveler try to change the future for the better. If Gendo has to be convinced that Third Impact isn't really a good idea, then we'd have spent 75% of the fanfic getting to the starting point of the Peggy Sue trope -- the hero deciding to make the future better, no matter the cost to themselves. And if I'd, say, made it that Gendo (and Yui by extension) think causing a constructive Third Impact IS a better future then he'd have no real reason to interact with Shinji and muck around with the timeline. Taking Sights would be a lot shorter then. Instead, to do all the subverting and deconstructing I wanted to do about Peggy Sues (a common fanfic trope) I had to make Gendo "hero-ish" from Day 1. That way I could have him try to be a better person and then (instead of like the Peggy Sue protagonists in "Once More with Feeling" or "The Second Try") have him totally fuck things up.

Plus, what sounds more interesting in your "hero":

1. Him and his dead wife being a different sort of fanatic than the other villains (SEELE) but still dedicated to what amounts to the death of the human race.


2. Him and his dead wife plotting for 17 years to stop & kill fanatics that want to destroy the human race. Only... in order to save the human race... they have to play along with the crazy fanatics for years, even actively help those fanatics kill half the human race... just so that, in the end, they can save the survivors from a Fate Worse Than Death at the hands of the fanatics?

This may just be me, but #2 sounds much more interesting as a character motivation for Gendo Ikari (at least before the whole dead wife business kicked in).

So now you know why I made Gendo (and Yui Ikari) originally intend to stop the Third Impact.
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Here's the start of a little novelette that I've been banging out this afternoon. It plays on the question of "Why doesn't Shinji ever talk about his life before Tokyo-3?".

Two quick question to my readers: is this any good? And has this plot been done before?

TITLE: Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe (or maybe just the shorter "Wednesday's Child"? Or is "Full of Woe" more angsty/better?)

SUMMARY: Shinji Ikari was conceived on a Wednesday, over a lunch of coffee and cigarettes shared between Gendo Ikari and Doctor Ritsuko Akagi.

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Like a lot of writers, I come up with ten ideas for every decent one I use. I've got a dozen-odd fanfic "chapter 1s" kicking around on my hard drive. Since I'm 1) scatterbrained, 2) lack lots of free time, and 3) can't work on more than two long-form stories at a time... I'd thought I'd share this one with you.

Below the cut is a excerpt from a relatively short 8-part story (short for me, "Taking Sights" is over 100k at this point and it's not even a third of the way through the story). I've been kicking this around in my head for a while but I'm not quite sure if it has enough meat to merit more investment. It's called "No Miracles" and it's a divergence fic set after the 10th Angel's attack (the bigass skydrop Angel). These are the first three scenes and they're in rough draft form. No revisions yet.

Fair warning, it's dark.

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Here's a VERY rough and unedited scene from the first chapter of "Eva and the Nine". It should give you some idea of the tone of the fic.


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Here are the chapter titles for my planned fanfic "Eva and the Nine". It's a riff on the tropes of Evangelion "Season 2" continuation fanfics. I'm planning on running it between Books 1 and 2 of "Taking Sights". So sometime in early to mid 2009 (hopefully).

And yes, I purposefully made the chapter titles as pretentious as possible. It's Evangelion fanfic, you gotta roll with the expectations.

Of course, if I want to be true to the conventions of "Season 2" Continuation genre I'd have to stop posting chapters midway through and never finish the story.

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Here are the chapter titles for Book 01 of "Taking Sights"

Warning! Light spoilers for the rest of Book 1 follow the cut!


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