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This draft is looking pretty solid. It's nearly double the length of previous ones, weighing in at a hefty 5900 words so far. I've managed to incorporate pieces from nearly every previous draft in a non-sucky (I hope) way. The thing I'm happiest about is that I've finally managed to juggle the six characters present for the Iroh/Toph mutual verbal smackdown.

Now I just need to write the big Iroh/Toph fight sequence, the Aang/Zuko fight, and then wrap everything up. Needless to say, Chapter 3 is going to be damn big.

On a completely unrelated note, here's some awesome fanart that has Zuko and Aang taking bongs hits.
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So my NaNoWriMo efforts imploded (again) but I've finally gotten past the plotting problems that derailed my work on Chapter 3 of Full Metal Bitch for so long. The solution was actually pretty simple in retrospect, amounting to reversing a single line of dialogue between Aang and Zuko. The chapter currently stands at 4 completed scenes (of 10) and 3200 words. Chapter 4 is currently at 1900 words and will cover events between Bitter Work and The Library. Also, I'm thinking there will now be eight chapters total instead of just five. 

If you have some free time, be sure to check out a new AtLA fic called Lost a Long Time Ago by clockworkchaos. It's pretty great.
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So I've hit a bit of a dry spell in my writing. NaNoWriMo (i.e. the rest of Full Metal Bitch) has petered out these past few days due to plotting issues and my complete inability to construct a decent fight scene. As a way to get me back into things, I'm going to throw FMB to the wolves the masses as a way of getting used to writing it again.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the fic, Full Metal Bitch is an in-progress AtLA Alternative Universe fic based on one simple change -- When the Gaang encounter Toph in Season Two, she is not twelve, but twenty-two.


1. Each commentator can submit up to THREE PROMPTS, of which I will pick ONE to fill. Note: You must be signed in to receive a fill. No anonymous requests

2. All prompts must be set in the FMB!Verse.

In addition to writing "missing scenes" from Full Metal Bitch, I'll also do AUs to the fic if requested. Please remember that the more specific/complex your request, the harder it will be for me to write and thus the less likely I am to fill it. 

Please do not request anything set at any point in Season 2 between episode 2x07 ("Zuko Alone") and episode 2x20 ("The Crossroads of Destiny") All that will eventually be covered in the actual fic itself. 

Requests Made: 4/5
Requests Filled: 3/4
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I've decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, although in a half-assed fashion. I won't be writing a new story. Instead I'll spend November cranking out 50,000 words for Full Metal Bitch. I've been neglecting that fic due to other obligations so I'd like to finish it and put it to bed. There will be nine chapters total, not the original five envisioned. 

I've decided to shelve Praise Be to Nero's Neptune (my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel, AKA the 'Fire Nation civil war fic') because it would be too much of a time investment to finish. It'd need about forty chapters total and that's at least 18 months of solid work, if not more. Frankly, I'd rather write several smaller fics than one mega-sized one. The first two and a half chapters were completed.

FFO is creaking along to completion, thank Christ.

I'm hashing out an outline for a full-length fanfic based on this ATLA drabble, the one where Ursa kills Ozai instead of Azulon. Still trying to figure out the character arcs for Aang and Azula. It may not go into full production unless I can solve a few outstanding issues... and deal with the fact I'll have to write several scenes starring Yue, because she is my kryptonite.

I've got two shorter fics on tap that I'm pecking away at, a sequel to Siege of the South for Omoni and a comedic Zuko fic for ferrrox.
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All the stuff that got cut during the extensive revision process:

Read more... )


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Title: The Full Metal Bitch
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Toph, ensemble
Rating: R
Summary: What if Toph had been 22, not 12, when the Gaang had met her in "The Blind Bandit"?
Special thanks to ~sylvacoer and [ profile] attackfish for beta reading this fic! 

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While FMB-02 cooks with the betas, I'm preparing for extensive revision to it: monkeying with Toph's characterization and adding about 3k to its ending just to get some exposition out of the way for the next chapter. In the meanwhile, it's time to turn my focus back to FFO.

When we last left FFO, I was stalled on an incomplete version of Chapter 9-C. That chapter, as well as the rest of Ch.9, was suffering from extensive bloat, lagging pace, and terrible characterization of Katara. So I stepped away from that project to create FMB and several smaller fics.

The current versions of Chapter 9's sub-chapters were locked in on the following dates:

Chapter 9-A = March 28th  (11,509 words)
Chapter 9-B = April 26th  (8.381 words)
Chapter 9-C = May 3rd  (7,445 words)

Ugh. This'll be fun. Nothing like looking at your old writings and seeing where all the errors are.

Tonight I'll canvas all three chapters, plus the fragments I have for 9-D, and try to sort out plot lines, character arcs, and whatnot to find any problems to fix. I'll be specifically handling 9-A and 9-B today, as their rough drafts are finished.
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 I probably won't have it out by the end of May, but it will be done shortly thereafter. I may add one final scene to the end of it, just to get some exposition out of the way at the start of Chapter 3. The third chapter is coming along nicely, btw. I got 1100 words done on it last night. I may add a 6th chapter onto FMB simply because Chapter 2 didn't cover as much ground as I expected. 

I got the Avatar art book in the mail the other day and it's pretty cool. The development of the series' basic concepts and character designs is neat, and there are tons of little notes sprinkled throughout the book that make my inner fanfic author squee. For instance, there's this brief note about how the Kyoshi Warriors were imagined as helping to keep order on their island from visiting sailors who might cause trouble. Which means Suki's formative years? She spent them breaking up bar fights on the docks. That's awesome. I'm totally working that into one of my stories.


Total # of pages spent on The Great Divide: 1
Total # of pages spent on Jet: a bajillion (you'd think it was a spin-off series!)

And male!adult!Toph's original character design? Super boring.
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I stopped the daily word counts because I got sucked into revising Chapter 2. There's this really awesome Iron Man fic called Almost No One Makes It Out (highly recommended, btw) that super-charged me to kick Full Metal Bitch's ass.

I've occasionally mentioned on this blog and elsewhere that I heavily revise my fics, often line-by-line. It's a habit I picked up while rewriting Chapter 5 of Facing Fearful Odds, when a beta of mine put her arm around my shoulder and said "This is a terrible chapter, let me explain to you why." Which was one of the best things that has happened to me as a writer.

Let me give you an example. Here are two version of the same scene, both from Chapter 2 of FMB (sneak preview!):

Chapter 2, Scene 1, Revision 4 )

Chapter 2, Scene 1, Revision 5 )

Chapter 2 is 12,000+ words and counting. I figure it won't break 20k, but it'll be close.
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Title: The Full Metal Bitch
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: R
Summary: What if Toph had been 22, not 12, when the Gaang had met her in "The Blind Bandit"?
Notes: Special thanks to ~sylvacoer and [ profile] attackfish for beta reading this fic!

Chapter 1a )
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Got the beta for Chapter 1 back, along with an asskicking by my trusty beta on the fine aspects of swordsmithing. After much revision, Chapter 1 was made more presentable. I also changed it to past tense because trying to write long-form fanfic in present tense MAKES LAVANYA GO CRAZY. Chapter 1.1 is now back to the beta for a final check.

I've had several false starts on Chapter 2, mostly due to an underlying problem that didn't crystallize for me until I re-read a comment by clockworkchaos in a previous post about wanting to see an 22!Toph/Iroh conversation. See, in the original draft, Iroh was dead by the start of the story. Long story short, I junked the highly AU aspects of the first draft and lined it up more with canon. So now things run essentially the same for everyone until Toph joins the Gaang. ("Three-fourths of the Fire Nation's royal family in one small, deserted town? No one told me it was my birthday!") Because someone calling Iroh on his past deeds was too good a story element to pass up. Plus leaving Iroh alive puts the focus on Toph's war trauma and not on her relationship with her parents, which, over the course of writing the first chapter, I found the former was more important. 

I extended the outline to 5 chapters total, because I couldn't make the Ba Sing Se arc work in one chapter.

(I also have this weird idea for an omake which mashes up TMB!Toph, FFO!Katara, genderbent!Sokka and firebender!Suki in one story. But that madness will wait for another day never happen.)
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That rampaging plot bunny has spawned its first full chapter. It's now away to my trusty beta.

Still dithering over a possible change in tense. But in the meantime -- on to Chapter 2!

FMB update

Apr. 5th, 2010 10:56 pm
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Chapter 1 is almost done. It's just shy of 10k -- I spent the last two days revising the hell out of the first 7k, so that's why progress looks slow. I'm thinking that the whole story will be four or five parts total. I'm considering changing the tense (it's currently in present tense) but the thought of do so for 10k worth of text fills me with horror. I normally save present tense for short, tightly focused character-centric fics, but I think it works in this case because of the way everything revolves around FMB!Toph.

One of the things I've realized writing this fic is just what a positive influence the Gaang was on Toph. I suppose that's the affect of the hero's journey, though. If Aang had saved the world without bringing Katara and Sokka along with him, they'd have developed into remarkably different personalities as well.
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So I just cracked 7,000 words on a mini-AtLA fanfic project that seized me last night. The prompt was one I rattled off for a mini-fic meme without really thinking about it, but then the plot bunny came to me and demanded to be written. The basic idea is: What if Toph was 22, not 12, when the Gaang met her in "The Blind Bandit"? The expanded idea would be: What if Toph grew up without any friends? And what if she fought at the Siege of Ba Sing Se?

Essentially, she'd be Gordon Gekko with PTSD.

I have no name for this project. The *doc file is titled only as "AU Age-Up".

Any suggestions for a title?

EDIT: This fic will be called "The Full Metal Bitch", after a character from a book I like.


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