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While FMB-02 cooks with the betas, I'm preparing for extensive revision to it: monkeying with Toph's characterization and adding about 3k to its ending just to get some exposition out of the way for the next chapter. In the meanwhile, it's time to turn my focus back to FFO.

When we last left FFO, I was stalled on an incomplete version of Chapter 9-C. That chapter, as well as the rest of Ch.9, was suffering from extensive bloat, lagging pace, and terrible characterization of Katara. So I stepped away from that project to create FMB and several smaller fics.

The current versions of Chapter 9's sub-chapters were locked in on the following dates:

Chapter 9-A = March 28th  (11,509 words)
Chapter 9-B = April 26th  (8.381 words)
Chapter 9-C = May 3rd  (7,445 words)

Ugh. This'll be fun. Nothing like looking at your old writings and seeing where all the errors are.

Tonight I'll canvas all three chapters, plus the fragments I have for 9-D, and try to sort out plot lines, character arcs, and whatnot to find any problems to fix. I'll be specifically handling 9-A and 9-B today, as their rough drafts are finished.
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A chapter that took forever but was actually fairly short by my standards (only 6000+ words!), spawning a new chapter of TS and other one-shot fanfics. 7-C is off to the betas and now it's time to work on the final part for this chapter, 7-D.
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Happy New Year, readers. Nothing much important in this post. With the holidays over I'll be getting back to work on Chapter 7 of FFO.

For the hell of it, I made two Wordles of the first six and a half chapters of FFO. They're below the cut.

Here's the whole text. The names of the two main characters are most prominent.

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