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So, yeah, I haven't updated The Ineffable Crossover since March. The reason has been that the next chapter was supposed to be light-hearted parody of "Thousand Shinji / The Open Door" but it came off as mean more than anything else. And I hadn't intended that. So I'm throwing out the last chapter and writing a new one.

As a sneak preview, the crossovers involved in the next chapter will include "A House of Leaves", "Donald in Mathmagic Land", and "Inglourious Basterds".
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A short, not serious drabble for you all to enjoy this fine Saturday afternoon. Comment if you like.
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Found this in an old email. I'd forgotten that in 2006 I made a submission to IGN's "Use Your Delusion" weekly contest. Basically, you had to come up with a way Batman could beat "X" (for example: the Sun, Superman, Jessica Alba's no-nudity clause). In this case, IGN challenged its readers to find a way for Batman to beat Chuck Norris. Oddest of all, my entry actually won.

Just for reference, the title IGN gave my submission always makes me smile.

I've copied it below, corrected only for tense errors.
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Title: Chemotherapy is the Best Aphrodisiac
Rating: K+
Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Parody, Crack
Summary: After she receives a life-changing diagnosis, a hurt Asuka finds comfort in the arms of Shinji.
Notes: A send up of that deplorable Hurt/Comfort notion. Slightly different from the FFnet version because I think it's probably funnier without the twist.

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Here's something I wrote up on a lark. Not sure if I got the voices right, but whatever. I'm somewhat surprised no one's ever crossed over these two series.

So, valued readers, is it worth continuing?

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