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Found this in an old WiP folder. I think it was a plot bunny for... something. Probably a thread on the Spacebattles forum. To sum it up, it was a stab at creating a "mirror universe" without the usual morality swaps of a good Fire Nation, evil Water Tribe, and goateed Spock. Everything in the Avatar universe gets inverted. I dusted it off, gave it a once-over, and finished it to post here. 

AtLA: Opposite World )
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 In celebration of the one year anniversary of my AtLA drabble collection, The Fun and Perky Warrior's Wolf Tail, I've written 31 sequels to all 31 drabbles I wrote this past year. Some are longer than others, and a few are very silly, but you'll find something of every flavor short of porn. 

You can read "31 Sequels" here.
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New drabble up called Ungoodthinker. Every AtLA fanfic writer has to do their take on the post-canon "What about Ursa?" fic, this one is mine. It's also a fic where I explore an idea that's recently occurred to me. Namely, that Zuko is the AtLA universe's biggest, baddest motherf***ing magnificent bastard -- at least in the mind of anyone who doesn't personally know him.

(You might want to read the drabble first before moving on here.)

From an outsider's perspective, Zuko's takeover of the Fire Nation must look INCREDIBLY shady. They didn't have the viewer's omniscient perspective of him as a weak-willed waffler who struggled to do the honorable thing. No, to the man on the street Zuko is a determined opportunist who did anything and everything to seize power after his father mutilated him.

He went on a snipe hunt and then bagged himself a goddamn snipe. When that unexpectedly fell through on the Day of Black Sun, he made buddy-buddy with the snipe he'd spent months trying to murder and then they decapitated his nation's government. (Okay, that metaphor got away from me.)

If I was a Fire Nation citizen chaffing under this new peace, I'd think twice before screwing with someone as determined and diplomatically canny as Fire Lord Zuko. The bastard could sell snow to the Water Tribe.


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