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That's how I'm feeling about the home stretch of FMB Chapter 2. I've edited it down and it's still 12k with another ~2k to go.
EDIT: Never mind. I found a work around. Chapter 2 of FMB is off to the betas!

On other project fronts, I'm...

* Junking my current outline for Bastard of Kyoshi Island, because it's too effing long and I want the project to be manageable for the Big Bang.
* Stalled out on Alike in Heart, for several reasons.
* Finished a Kyoshi-centric drabble that I'll be posting (and expanding?) soon.
* Scaling back my plans for Praise Be to Nero's Neptune. Along with Facing Fearful Odds and Taking Sights, it'll be the last MEGA fanfic projects I'm going to be working on. From now on, I want to stick to the sub-50,000 word range. Too much damn time investment is needed to complete them. On that note, is anyone reading this interested in being a Praise Be beta reader? Because cold calling the FFnet beta listings has prove spectacularly unsuccessful.

On a completely unrelated note, they're apparently making a Young Justice animated series helmed by the guy who did Gargoyles. My inner geek rejoices at the thought of Miss Martian, a fairly obscure character, getting airtime. It'll help keep her from being stuffed in a fridge for a few years at least. Interestingly, they're not using Wonder Girl on the show because of some crazy rights issue. Apparently neither she nor Wonder Woman can appear in a TV show unless they're a main character. Who knew?
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I stopped the daily word counts because I got sucked into revising Chapter 2. There's this really awesome Iron Man fic called Almost No One Makes It Out (highly recommended, btw) that super-charged me to kick Full Metal Bitch's ass.

I've occasionally mentioned on this blog and elsewhere that I heavily revise my fics, often line-by-line. It's a habit I picked up while rewriting Chapter 5 of Facing Fearful Odds, when a beta of mine put her arm around my shoulder and said "This is a terrible chapter, let me explain to you why." Which was one of the best things that has happened to me as a writer.

Let me give you an example. Here are two version of the same scene, both from Chapter 2 of FMB (sneak preview!):

Chapter 2, Scene 1, Revision 4 )

Chapter 2, Scene 1, Revision 5 )

Chapter 2 is 12,000+ words and counting. I figure it won't break 20k, but it'll be close.
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FMB: (Ch. 02)  10,292  10,469  (+177)
AiH:  5,697  6,645  (+948)
BoKI:  5,828

Edit: 5:30pm -- Aaaand in that great Circle of Life recycling of plot devices, Alike in Heart now has a (quasi) non-linear nature to it again. A straight out rewrite of Season 1 didn't work out so well, so I'm inter-cutting between the pre-Aang years and the events of The Warriors of Kyoshi. There's no stream-of-consciousness to it, unlike a previous incarnation of this Sokka genderswap. I suspect there may be yuri in it too, eventually, just to get back to the original plot bunny for this fic.
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FMB:  (Ch. 02) 9,362  10,292  (+930)
AiH:  5,697  (+0) 
BoKI:  4,759   5,828  (+1,069)

EDIT: word count still in progress, will update randomly throughout the day with final totals posted at the end.
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FMB: (Ch. 02) 8,068  9,362  (+1,294)
AiH: 5,697
  didn't get to this one today, sorry
BoKI: 3,643 4,759  (+1,126)

EDIT: What the hell, juggling is no fun unless there are at least 3 balls in the air.
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It's been a bad month for writing.
The second chapter of Full Metal Bitch has been a bitch to write, reminding me why I should have stuck to my personal rule not to post the first chapter of a chaptered fic until every chapter is done. Facing Fearful Odds has stalled out right before the finish line. Alike in Heart has suffered from me serving too many masters, an unclear endgame, and drama/angst overload from writing the two abovementioned fics. (AiH badly needs some humor injected into it. It stars Sokka for God's sake.)
But if you want to write, you gotta write.
There's a writing drive for the Big Bang -- which Alike in Heart is my entry for -- to get to ten thousand works in ten days. That way we'll have rough drafts to submit at the end of the month. I've promised publicly to get the next chapter of FMB out by the end of the month. And Facing Fearful Odds... can wait.
Starting tomorrow I'll be doing a race for the finish with both FMB and AiH, alternating between the two. My goal is to do a thousand words a day on each project, from May 15th to May 25th.

Starting Points

FMB: (Ch. 02) 8,068
AiH: (Pt. 1 of 4) 5,697


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