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 So I'm running a Suzuki Week this week, only I ended up busier than expected because of the holidays. Poor planning on my part. Next year I'll organize this during a less busy time of year. Worse, I've been hit by a case of writer's block. In the meanwhile I need some help coming up with Suzuki fics for this week. That's where you come in.


* Each person can have one-to-three prompts. I'll try to fill at least one. No guarantees, though. 
* Doesn't need to be romantic. You can have enemy stuff, friendship stuff, and so on. Just has to revolve around Suki and Zuko.
* The prompts can range from one word to a whole situation BUT must be based on one of the following themes:

     * Metal    
     * Adulthood
     * Tradition
     * Sisters
     * Avatar
     * Peasant & Noble
     * Duty
     * Scars
     * Foreigner
     * Ba Sing Se

* In your comment, include the theme and then your prompt. Like so: [Metal: Blah blah blah]
* Pretty much anything goes, but if it doesn't, I'll let you know and you can prompt something else. No smut, though.

This post will have ten slots, with 5/10 filled. Each prompt will be written in the comments. Once the post is finished, there will be a complete list of each filled prompt in an upcoming post.

Go nuts.

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Date: 2011-12-07 08:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ba Sing Se: Suki and her warriors actually did get to Ba Sing Se, and Suki is the one who spots Zuko rather than Katara.

From: [identity profile]
Suki counted backwards from ten. When she opened her eyes, the teashop waiter still had Prince Zuko's scarred face.

For a half-second, she considered turning around and finding Katara. Her pride squashed that idea flat. Anything was better than enduring another one of the waterbender's sympathetic looks, or risking news of this hallucination getting back to her warriors.

Suki let that pride steel her, let the anger at the Dai Li for what they had done to the Kyoshi Warriors' minds settle the trembling in her fingertips.

Nothing was wrong. Long Feng was in jail. The Avatar had been reunited with Appa, despite that gulling detour under Lake Laogai. She and her girls had been healed, even if there were some (temporary) side effects. That waiter was not Prince Zuko.

Smoothing out her embroidered silk dress, Suki walked into the Jasmine Dragon and ordered some tea.
From: [identity profile]
This struck me as funny that Suki would rather believe she was hallucinating than Zuko was actually serving tea.

"Is something wrong, nephew?"

"That girl keeps staring at me."

"Oh? She's rather pretty, don't you think?"


"And here all alone. If you wanted to take your break now, you could go a-"




"Fine. I'll take a break then."
From: [identity profile]
I was aiming more for drama than humor, but I'll take what I can get.

("I ze. And zhen ze Dragon of ze West ztars hitting on you?")

("I know I have issues, but what does that even mean?!")

("It means zhat you vish to kill your mother and sleep with your favher.")
From: [identity profile]
Yes, well, I see the drama but prefer the humor.

{"But I'm an orphan."

His eyes go wide behind his spectacles, and he begins to scribble furiously on his notepad.}
From: [identity profile]
I kind of want to be there for the conversation where Suki mentions she's a Kyoshi Warrior and they came all the way to Ba Sing Se because the prince of the Fire Nation had burned down their home, and Zuko is just standing there with the tea tray rattling in his hands, thinking that she's threatening him and/or screwing with his mind while she's deciding how to disembowel him.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-07 08:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Scars: Some scars are simply deeper than others.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-07 08:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ohh, two more.
Foreigner: Zuko visiting the Kyoshi Island for the first time as a friend.
Duty: Protecting the Fire Lord is a great honor.
From: [identity profile]
(A/N: Takes place in my firebender!Suki AU, as a prequel to this fic.)

It had Uncle's idea for him to instruct the Kyoshian in the art of firebending. "Being a teacher, nephew," Uncle had said, "allows a person to learn things they thought they already knew."

That was how Uncle had sold the idea to him. Teaching a beginner the fundamentals of firebender would supposedly give him new insight into the art. It'd also teach the Kyoshian a modicum of self-control. Zuko had forbidden the crew from giving her any more pillows and blankets to ruin. She'd just keep setting them on fire in her sleep.

The first week's lessons had resulted in none of that.

"She's an arrogant, ill-tempered brat! All I want to do is help her but she just ignores whatever I say! She even gets angry at me for showing concern! I can't even offer her tea without sparking a fight! And ancestors forbid you criticize the people who banished her, like they're worthy of any respect." Snarling, Zuko punched a wall, leaving a dented scorch mark. Rage vented, he bowed his head. "I'm supposed to be her sifu, but all I feel like I am is a failure. What would you do in my position, Uncle?"

Uncle drank from his teacup for a very long time. When he finally set the cup, he spread his hands out on the table before him and mildly replied, "That is quite the conundrum, Prince Zuko. I do not think I have ever faced a situation exactly like that before."

Zuko sighed. It figured that when he needed advice the most, Uncle would have no practical experience in the subject at hand.

"But," Uncle added, raising a finger, "I believe the best thing you can do is offer Suki your unconditional support and friendship. She is going through a very difficult time in her life right now. She may not appreciate it now, or maybe ever, but your support will help her recover from the terrible trauma she has experienced."

"So I should just indulge her bad habits? That's no solution!"

"You need to do whatever you think is right by her, Prince Zuko, but I believe she is only angry at you because you and your lessons are a safe outlet for her pain. The memory of what her loved ones did to her is too raw. Until she accepts for herself what happened and heals, an easy target will help your student to not leave that rage to fester inside her heart."

He sat down across from his Uncle. Suddenly he very much needed a cup of tea. "Teaching is a lot harder than I expected. I thought it was just practicing forms and breathing exercises. I didn't realize there was all this people stuff."

"Teaching can be difficult, but it can also be rewarding. Have faith in yourself, nephew. I do."



"If I ever act half as bad as Suki does, you can slap me upside the head. I'd deserve it."

Uncle poured himself a very large cup of tea. "I don't think that will be necessary, Prince Zuko."

From: [identity profile]
*puts a little bow on this ficlet and hangs it on the wall* This is perfect :D

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-07 10:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I honestly can't help but think Zuko would have been much better behaved if Iroh had swatted him a few times. This one seemed very much tongue-in-cheek.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-07 10:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Honestly, I think that's partly the reason why Mai was better able to iron out Zuko's misbehavior than Iroh ever did.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 06:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I agree. Zuko's one of my favourite characters - but even I have to agree that he needs a good whack upside the head every now and then. Seriously Iroh, he would've been more respectful if you did that.
And Iroh, you liar! You totally have faced the EXACT SAME situation. Maybe you should try pointing out the similarities?

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-07 10:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Peasant & Noble (au) Suki is a noble, making Zuko the other.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-07 11:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Foreigner: It's hard to say who's more interested in confirming Suki's partial Fire Nation ancestry- Suki or Zuko.
From: [identity profile]
"However sweet the
Fruit may be, the swell it brings
Is true suffering.
Better for another to
Taste its flesh and not sicken.

"My lips will be dry
Until my eyes water them.
My mind alone shall
Recall that flavor of fair
Kyoshi's rarest breeding.

"For at the table
Of the Fire Lord, we dine
On our native crops.
Flesh bourn from distant lands will
Spoil the dish, so is said."

"Fair Kyoshi longs
Ever so for a mainland.
Yet the gulf is wide
And filled with waters bloodied
By men and women unknown.

"History swashes
Upon her wet, fertile sands
With seeds from far shores.
Vibrant are Kyoshi's crop
Yet strange their color and hue.

"Tell me, Dear Zuko,
By taste alone can you tell
Which tree grew the fruit?
Or is the answer found in
What sort of tree the fruit bears?"

"I wish it so, my
Love, that in royal gardens
Any seed might grow.
To see my grove with heavy,
Laden branches would delight.

"But a house must eat.
And the mouths at my table
Are fussy, fickle.
Rejecting without a taste
A fruit I know is divine.

"What little I know
Of Kyoshi's far-flung breed
Is Water and Earth.
Has the tongue which sampled it
Been deceived by briny tears?"

"Know this, my dear prince:
The juices of Kyoshi
Flow from all the world.
Earth holds straight the proud tree's trunk,
And Water allows its sway.

"Yet do not forget
The Fire you know to be
Flowing in its sweet, hot sap.
For without that Fire the
Tree would wither; barren, dead.

"The tears you shed and
Which flavored your tongue were from
Joy. This fruit you know
In your heart is not strange but
Kin to that gracing your bowls."

And so it came to
Be; Kyoshi's many-hued
Fruit was plucked, savored.
For the richness of that isle
Suits a Fire Lord's lips.

From: [identity profile]
Oh, that was clever! I was not expecting anything like this fill, but you rocked it. It must have been fun to put together.

Better than the song of the Entwives. :D

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 12:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Duty: Zuko spends his first few royal vacations rebuilding on Kyoshi Island instead of lounging on the beach (he promised). Since most of the Kyoshi kiddies have been told for months that the evil Fire Prince will come get them if they don't eat their vegetables, his presence isn't a roaring success. Suki has to mediate between her justifiably angry people and her friend.
From: [identity profile]
He wasn't an idiot, no matter what Mai said. Zuko knew that Kyoshi Island had repaired the damage done by his attack long before the war had even ended, never mind in the two years since. But he owed a debt of honor to the island, one he had sworn to a friend to fulfill. So when business in the capital ground to its yearly halt during the monsoons, Zuko decided he would spend his vacation on Kyoshi Island, lending his hands wherever they were needed.

Not having much experience in physical labor, he stuck with what he knew. Even the houses that had gone undamaged in the attack three years ago still had the odd roof tile that needed replacing. Zuko even managed to avoid ruining too many nails this time around.

Still, he'd run into a small, unforeseen problem.

"NOOOO!" screamed one child, staring up bug-eyed at him as he peaked through a hole in her family's leaking ceiling with his scarred eye. "Don't take me away! I ate all my cabbage! I swear!

"Cabbage? What are you--"

But by that point, the child had run out the front door screaming about how the 'evil prince' had come to kidnap him.

He didn't blame the parents (much) for asking him to leave, even if they sheepishly admitted that they'd been using the specter of him as a sort of Abominable Lavaman to make sure their daughter cleaned her plate these past months.

Still, there were other jobs to do, like beating out rugs.

"NOOOO!" screamed another child, scrambling to pocket dust on the ground, convinced they were ashes. "MOMMY! DADDY! I should have done my chores! I'm s-s-s-orry!""

Or delivering laundry.

"NOOOO!" screamed a little boy as Zuko walked through the front door. "Wait, why do you have Koko's clothes? KYOSHI'S SPLEEN, you ATE Koko, didn't you?!"

Or grocery shopping for elderly folks.

"NOOOO!" screamed a gaggle of small children as they happened across him buying produce from a visiting merchant. "Our parents lied! He eats things that taste like cabbage! Nothing can save us! NOOOOOOO!"

In the end, Zuko settled for doing what he did best: finding a quiet corner and sulking. He was being a champ at that when Suki found him.

"How are you doing?" she asked.


"Want to talk about it?"


Suki sat down next to him on the beach. "Zuko, my people aren't really friendly to begin with. It's not your fault."

"Yes, it is."

"...Okay, fine. It actually kind of is your fault. But doing chores for people isn't going to change their minds. Being a good Firelord will. It'll just take time."

He glanced over at her. "You really think so?"

"I do. We're friends now, aren't we?" He nodded. "There you go. Now why don't we go get some dinner? Ty Lee promised to keep Sokka out of the kitchen tonight."

"Hey!" said Sokka, strolling onto the beach. "You two just don't have the same refined palate as me. Kyoshi-Water-Fire fusion sea prune koi curry is gonna catch on, just you watch!"

Zuko said, "Sure it will, buddy."

The three of them walked back up the hill. As they approached the village, Sokka and Suki's shorter strides meant they slowly fell behind him, especially walking hand-in-hand as they did.

"So," Sokka said softly to his wife, "since I didn't make the bed this morning like I promised, does that mean the big bad Fire Prince got to eat you first?"

Suki giggled. "Quiet! He'll hear you!"

Up ahead, Zuko blushed.
From: [identity profile]
Ahahaha, I didn't expect you to run with the vegetables thing :D Oh, poor Zuko. At least it's a slightly different problem than nobles jockying for power or generals not wanting to stop the war or colonies being recalcitrant.

"So," Sokka said softly to his wife, "since I didn't make the bed this morning like I promised, does that mean the big bad Fire Prince got to eat you first?"

Yum :) And I kind of want that curry now. Thank you!

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 03:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Leaked Promise scans can be a basis for the prompt?

Actually, it might not matter for what I had in mind, but I'm curious anyway.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 03:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The leaked scans are totally permissible for the basis of a prompt.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 03:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sisters: Mai sometimes likes to dress up as a Kyoshi Warrior for laughs and...whatever. She does so when the actual Warriors are there guarding Zuko, to try to get him to relax. Unfortunately, in his tired state, he can't seem to tell them apart, and then he runs into Suki...
From: [identity profile]
To Suki, the Fire Lord tasted like smoke and heat. His lips were faintly flavored with the spices of his homeland, and his every exhalation was like a breath of furnace heat against her warpaint-covered skin. Zuko was unlike any boy she had kissed before; not playful or confidence, but aggressive. He leaned into their kiss, molding their bodies together, and held her tightly in his arms with a quiet desperation.

To Zuko, in the instant before his conscious brain caught onto the facts of the matter, Suki's flavor mixed her rice-paste paints with a hint of the sea. Her mouth was warmer than Mai's, softer too, and her chapped lips parted on reflex. There was no tension in her limbs. As he pressed into her, she simply accepted him.

In a moment, there would be frantic backtracking and flustered apologies. Later on, Mai would receive a blistering dressing down from Suki about abusing the venerable uniform of the Kyoshi Warriors as a bedroom fetish, only the Royal Consort wouldn't actually feel guilty until Ty Lee joined in. Later still, Zuko would feel his face burn once again as Mai pressed him for details about who was better, her or Suki, and how anyone could have mistaken a woman with long black hair for one with short red hair, regardless of apparel.

But for now there was only their kiss.
From: [identity profile]
Sorry it took a while to drop by, I've been having computer issues. I may wank on my journal at length about this, but right now..

This was sweet. I'm kinda shipping these two now. I was afraid my prompt was too overdone and obvious, but since (spoiler) the comic puts Kyoshi Warriors outside Zuko's bedroom, it was just too tempting to pass up.

I like how both Suki and Ty Lee take the uniform seriously.

Thank you for this!
From: [identity profile]
Ohhhh, I like this one!

"Later still, [...] how anyone could have mistaken a woman with long black hair for one with short red hair, regardless of apparel."
Zuko could always say he'd thought Mai had decided to add a wig to the costume!
As for whose kiss is better, I have a feeling that Zuko will immediately lie and say Mai's better, but Zuko is just not a good liar...
From: [identity profile]
Most likely, Zuko will try to expand his data set for a more accurate comparison. Mai and Suki might object to that, though.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 03:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Metal: swordplay.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 11:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Could I get a little more detail?

[Metal] The Secret of Kyoshi Island [1/1]

Date: 2011-12-18 07:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
A/N: Turns out there are two definitions to 'swordplay', both of which jive rather nicely if you're an old-school gamer.

Suki sent Sokka off with a kiss, then ran back to face the firebenders invading her home. Sword drawn, she shouted at nearest foreigner, "My name is Suki. Prepare to die!"

Prince Zuko snarled at the barbarian girl, but the eyes of his inferiors were heavy on him. Honor and pride alike demanded he answer such a challenge. He dismounted and drew his dao.

Their clash was fast, brutal. He had broken her stance almost immediately. She was no warrior! He was ignoring the Avatar to satisfy the challenge of a rube. "You fight like a dairy farmer!"

"How appropriate," Suki replied. "You fight like a cow-pig."

And like that, their fortunes reversed. Suki had a feel for this scarred firebender's style now, a curious Earth-Fire hybrid form. When she knocked one saber from his hand, she had an opening to lay into him. "How DARE you attack a neutral village! You make me want to puke!"

Zuko barely blocked her next strike. Their swords were crossed now. Sparks flew from their straining blades. This was a contest of wills, now. He leaned in and spat in her clownish face, "You make me somebody already did."

"I thought this would be easier," Suki admitted. "With a big scar like that, I figured you got beaten up a lot."

They broke and traded blows. When their swords locked up again, Zuko replied, "I won this scar in an honorable struggle!"

"Well, I hope you've learned to stop picking your nose." And with that, she head-butted him. A flurry of strikes later and his second saber joined its partner in the dust.

Grimacing, Zuko held up his arms in surrender.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-08 06:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Avatar: Rather than facing Kyoshi, Chin sent an assassin and everything changed. Suki is a member of Chin's warriors, the emperors right hand, and has been tasked with hunting down the only think that could possibly stop the earth empires conquest of the Fire Nation. The Avatar himself, born a prince of the fire nation.

If that's two detained and contraindicated to work with then alt.

Avatar: Suki and Zuko having a discussion, on what the word avatar means to them. What it always meant as a child, and what it means now.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-17 04:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What was I on on when I wrote this? I know I'm not great at grammar when I don't check myself but yeash.

Avatar: Rather than facing Kyoshi, Chin sent an assassin and everything changed. Suki is a member of Chin's warriors, the emperor's right hand, and has been tasked with hunting down the only thing that could possibly stop the Earth Empire's conquest of the Fire Nation. The Avatar himself, born a prince of the Fire Nation.

If that's two detailed and constrained to work with then alt prompt.

Avatar: Suki and Zuko having a discussion, on what the word avatar means to them. What it always meant as a child, and what it means now.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-09 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Adulthood: Ironically, Zuko is technically still a child in the eyes of Fire Nation law; he missed every major rite for adulthood due to his exile. He can rule without it (for one thing, who's gonna stop him?) but it's not a good precedent or example for the Fire Lord to break the law because he can. So he does the rite - or tries to, anyway. Zuko's always been so far out of the mainstream of Fire Nation culture that he has a damnable time finishing the modern version of the rite. Cue Suki, who is very much a full member of her society in a way Zuko has never been...

Alternately, same general prompt: Zuko has to make up for missed adulthood rites, but the firebender of Kyoshi is doing them too.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-09 04:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wanna play! Are there still some open?

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-09 04:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Correction: Both "Peasant & Noble" and "Tradition" are still open.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-09 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
AWESOME. I'll take "Tradition", with two facets: The obvious "Zuko in Kyoshi garb" side of it, but also, "Suki in traditional ancient Fire Nation garb", like how Azula originally looked in the pencil tests. Is that okay?

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-09 04:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Just to be sure, you're talking about THIS unused armor of Azula's, right?

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-09 05:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Actually, I didn't even think of that one. I was thinking mostly of This one, but they're both good, come to think of it.

(no subject)

Date: 2011-12-11 05:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for inviting me over to play, Lavanya! :-D

Since there's one prompt left, "Peasant and Noble": I'd love to see a ficlet set in the "Bastard of Kyoshi Island" AU.

I'm of the opinion that once Zuko really decides to do something, he doesn't do it half-arsed, he goes all the way. And also... he's grown to really like Suki. Could be romantic intentions, or could just be that he's incredibly lonely for anyone his own age to talk to, a genuine friend.

Anyway, here's the prompt:
Zuko has seized on the idea of making Suki a royal ward, so she can live at the palace with him after he captures the Avatar and can return home with his honor restored. (He's too young to make such an official declaration, but he knows his uncle could easily make her his ward, if not adopt her outright.) So without explaining why to her, he begins training Suki in not just firebending, but noble manners and etiquette. (Yes, I know "manners" and "Zuko" don't usually go together. Which is why this could be comedic or tragic; your choice.)
Edited Date: 2011-12-11 05:18 am (UTC)


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