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3:44pm :: Looking over my drafts for Facing Fearful Odds for the first time since... September 16th, 2010... and I remember that was after a six month hiatus beforehand. Good GOD I can't believe I wrote some of this stuff. Did I not realize what editing was?
 * (0/19 chapters cleaned up)

4:27pm :: First chapter edited and locked. Ugh. Onto Chapter 2.

7:15pm :: Broke for dinner and such after coming across some insane troll logic in Chapter 2. Onto Chapter 3.

8:54pm :: Jesus. If this is what FFO is like after a two year hiatus, I gag at the thought of what re-editing Taking Sights would be like. Finished with Chapter 3 and its overwrought narration. On the other hand, though, I'm happy with the way the Katara-Sokka dialogue has held up. Considering I hadn't even finished watching the whole series when I wrote the first drafts of these chapters, I did pretty well for myself. But I'm calling a break for the night.

2:15pm :: Chapter 4 is edited and locked. There were less horrible instances of things I needed to cut and reword in this one, which hopefully is a trend to follow. It's been interesting to see how my writing style was different two and a half years ago when I wrote this fic. I really put a hell of a lot more effort into blocking and descriptions than I do now, as my prose in something like Not As Hard As You is much leaner and POV-centric compared to FFO's. Sometimes that's bad, as parts of Chapter 4 read like I had vomited up a thesaurus, but other parts make for a more leisurely and enjoyable (to me) story. I wonder why I changed my style to what it is now. Maybe all those world limit competitions, like the Avatar_500 and DrabbleDrabbleDrabble contests, have trained me to preemptively trim down to the bone?

2:00pm :: Chapter 5 is edited and locked. Sadly, it was back to horribleness this time. I know I'm not great at narrating action sequences, I'm no Loopy that's for sure, but holy shit was the centerpiece of this chapter godawful. It was just endless running off at the mouth before I took a scalpel to it. I'm not looking forward to Chapters 6, 13, or 14, which all have big action sequences. Also, I apparently used "bended" instead of "bent" when talking about past tense waterbending. What's up the cumbersome word choice, Past Me? Also, I'm really kind of shocked by the sheer effort I applied to developing OCs and general worldbuilding. I would never in a million years write this story this way anymore. 
11:30pm :: The Korra leaks sucked up a lot of my time today, so I only got Chapter 6 done. Not much new to say.


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