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 The DrabbleDrabbleDrabble contest on the Avatar Spirit forum is celebrating it's 50th Round this week. This round's theme is Language Barriers and it's being run by Loopy. If you're interested, submit a fic. If you win, you get to pick the theme for Round 51 and judge who's the winner! Joining the forum is quick and easy. The criteria for this round is below the cut:

Language Barrier

Write a piece based on the premise that all four nations speak different languages from each other, perhaps even more than one for the bigger and/or more spread out nations. This can be either an AU, a distant past, or distant future fic. Naturally, you're allowed to have certain people adept in more than one language.

Elements I'll be looking for:

Repercussions: How does this affect the way the four nations deal with each other, and how does this change what happens when their people encounter foreigners? If this is an AU, feel free to throw in a little history. For distant past/future fics, perhaps you can contrast with what we saw in ATLA itself.

Knocking down the barrier: How do the four nations manage to communicate with each other? Of course, translators will now have a good job market, but is there any other way for communication to occur? This can take different forms based on region, social level, and the nature of the interaction, so go wild.

Creativity: This space for rent.

Cussin': You don't have to actually invent a new language for the nations, but make up at least one profanity (can be a brand new word or a derivative of something existing) and then use it in a way that makes the meaning clear. The more cleverness, the better. For a simple example, I just invented the word "gooballygoo," a word heard frequently in the Air Temples when it's time to clean out the Bison Stables.

Word limit: 2000

Let's put our first due date at May 14th.


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